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Benefits of consuming Bird’s Nest

  1. Bird’s nests promotes cell growth and tissue repair (Epidermal growth factor).
  2. Strengthen body’s immune systems through promotion of cell division .
  3. Strengthens the body’s self-regulating actions and resistance to disease
  4. Regular consumption of bird’s nest can help maintain a youthful, radiant, as well as wrinkle-free complexion.
  5. Improve respiratory system and boosting the blood circulation system for children, patients in recovering stage, women after delivery and the elderly.

How Bird’s Nest are graded

Shape and Size: The best bird nest should be in its natural round shaped form resembling a “bowl‘. Due to the harvest method and cleaning process, other shapes such as “ bowl”,“triangular”, ”Strip“,“cake”, and ”crumbs” are widely available and the price various as well. Bigger nests are usually pricier, this is because the nest was built by older birds or through “multiple seasons” nest which took a longer time to build and harvest. The bird’s nest in its natural bowl or triangle shape, tell us that the nest is very clean with little cleaning needed, thus pricier too.

Colour and Purity: The best bird nests should be of natural colours with no impurities. The most common types are the white Nests that are white or ivory white in colour. Golden and Red Nests are cave nest with unknown mineral from the caves thus might not all suitable for everyone. All house nest should be ONLY in white or ivory, usually with little impurities from the natural. When Bird’s nest is soaked in water, the water shall maintain transparent and not diluted by the bird nest, and the nest colour should remain and not fade

How Bird’s Nest are graded

Density and Expansion Factor: The best bird nests should have denser strands and appear gapless. Denser nests have a higher expansion factor after soaking. Good Nests can expand in weight at least 5 times after soaking in water.

Smell and Flavour: Natural bird nests have a raw smell and the intensity varies across the different types of Nests. Cooked Bird nests should release a fragrant egg aroma.