About Us

About Sinruiyi

Our family has been consuming bird nest since I was a child. This tradition continue even after I was married. For my husband, on the contrary rarely consume bird nest. Thus, it was new to him and to our surprise he has allergy reaction each time after eating bird nest soup while the rest of family were fine. I was puzzled and determine to find out why. We tried different bird nests harvested from different parts of South East Asia. In the process, we discovered  the world of white nest builder and the habitat of the nest builder – Swiftlets also known as Aerodramus Fuciphagus.

We also discovered what constitute a good quality bird nest and today my husband can safely enjoy the bird nest soup with my family and our little daughter. We would like to share this enjoyment to as many people as possible. And that’s the reasons behind the inception of our company.

Our Bird’s Nest were harvested from mainly Indonesia and Malaysia (the 2 largest suppliers for edible bird’s nest). We hand pick clean only triangle bird’s nest (三角燕盏) and natural bird’s nest (原型白燕盏和原型金丝燕盏) as they have the least impurities and less subjected to human intervention such as bleaching and adding additives (Nitrite related additives). Importantly, we will periodically send our bird’s nest for laboratory test.